Sword and Fairy: Together Forever: Fernost

Already heard of the Sword and Fairy series? Doesn't matter, but we change that now: Part 7 looks pretty, comes to the West and is implemented for PS4 & PS5 - in the summer of 2022 it should be magical.

Let's be honest: Hardly anyone knows the role-playing series Sword and Fairy developed in Taiwan for the Chinese market for the Chinese market. Part 6 already managed to buy via the publisher Eastasiasoft in the American Playstation store and part 7 has also been buying from us via Steam since last autumn. So far, however, this has penetrated to very few players. Incidentally, the Xuan-Yuan Sword series was similar, at least until part 7 of us in the test.

This could remedy a look at the Sword and Fairy: Together Forever PS5 trailer, which of course we have built in for you-of course, no blockbuster from the Final Fantasy 7 remake brand comes around the corner, but the game world, the figures and Some action scenes can also be seen. In terms of setting, Far East mythology meets Chinese art here. Three clans of people, deities and demons are interwoven into the story of the game, and of course as a gambler of the action role-playing game, you can create a party in which the individual weaknesses and strengths complement each other.

Sword and Fairy: Together Forever - Announcement Trailer | Sword & Fairy: Together Forever PS5 & PS4

Publisher Eastasiasoft praises all kinds of features of the single player adventure, which is supposed to be released this summer:

  • By far the best graphic in the series so far
  • A dynamic real-time combat system with a lot of freedom of movement
  • screen -filling animations & special effects
  • Flying character change with tactical depth
  • Capture and care of ghost creatures
  • Card -based mini -games


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